Frequently Asked Questions

Admission & Hours

 Do I have to pay for admission even though I am getting a service (ie: scrub, massage, facial)?
Yes you will still have to pay the admission, check out our site for admission prices for weekdays and weekends.

What does admission include?
It’s a lot, 5 Dry saunas,  ice sauna, 4 soaking tubs, steam room, toiletries, shower area, uniform, towel, sleeping room, lounging area, and wifi.

Can I purchase Gift Cards, single admission, or service package tickets online?
No, it can be purchased in store or over the phone. If you want it shipped there will be a $20 shipping charge.

What if I want to send a gift card to someone?

We can only take phone orders for gift cards and would be more than happy to ship out to you. There is a $20 shipping fee

With my admission ticket can I come in and out of the spa?
No it’s one ticket per entry.

With the purchase of an admission how long can I stay for?
You are more than welcome to hang out from 7AM to Midnight with us.

Are you open 24 hours?
We are open 24 hours only on Fridays and Saturdays only. There will also be special 24 hours of operation for major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Years. Check online for details.

How is the overnight fee charged?
If you stay overnight on the days we are open 24 hours, after 2AM you will be automatically charged a $10 overnight fee. You will be charged only if you came in before 12AM.

Are you open during holidays?
Yes we are open all holidays. 365 days!

Can I bring my cell phone, tablet or laptop?

Yes you can bring your mobile devices and laptops into the facility we just ask no phone or electronics be used in the bathing areas and locker room for our guest’s privacy. Please turn off your ringer so it does not disturb the other guests.


Parking & Shuttle Bus

Do you provide shuttle bus services?
Currently for the summer we are not offering any free shuttle buses to the spa. We will be sure to update everyone once our shuttle services resumes.

Is there parking available at your spa?
There’s plenty, we have a free parking lot available.


Spa Etiquette & Facilities

What if I want to bring my own flip flops, but they are brand new?
No outside footwear allowed into our facility, you can bring socks or opt to go barefoot. Our floors are heated and cleaned for maximum comfort!

Do I have to wear the uniform you provide?

We ask that all guests who want to use our facility to wear the uniform we provide (cotton t-shirts & cotton shorts)

What about bringing my own toiletries?
Sure, you can bring your own toiletries. However, no oils or hair dyes are allowed.

Are bathing suits allowed in the bath tubs?
No bathing suits allowed in the bath tubs. It is a Asian style bathing area and you must be nude to go into the bath water. Showering before entering the water is also required. Bathing area is a part of the locker room which is separated by gender. It is NOT co-ed.

Is there any place that is co-ed throughout your facility?
Of course, the dry saunas, sleeping room, media room, restaurant, lounging area, & juice bar



I have kids, can you guys babysit?
Sorry, we don’t offer any babysitting services here.

Are children allowed in the spa and what is the admission fee for children?
Children 10 years and older are welcome but they must be accompanied by the same gender adult.
They pay the same fees for weekdays and weekends as adults.


Spa Services  

How early do I need to make my appointment for spa services (ie: scrub, facial, massage)?
We recommend making your appointment at least 3 days in advance.

Loved my therapist, how could I leave them extra gratuities?
Thanks for the love; all spa services include the gratuity already.
But if you want to show extra appreciation you can leave the gratuity with our front desk and they will make sure your therapist gets it. Or you can give it to your therapist after your service.

If I’m pregnant can I use the saunas or get any of the services?
We ask that you must check with your doctor first before coming. We can do body scrubs and massages for ladies in their 2nd trimester.

Where does the body scrubs happen?
All scrubs happen in the locker room wet area in the open. Should you want more privacy you can request a private room for $30 extra.

Are the body massages in a private room?

Yes all our body massages happen on the 2nd floors which are private rooms. You can request for a female or male therapist. Couple rooms are also available for no extra charge.

Are the oils used during the massage and body scrubs hypoallergenic?
Yes the oils are indeed hypoallergenic.

Can I bring my own oils for body scrub?
Sure you can but the oils must be natural plant base such as Jojoba Oil or Coconut oil to ensure the best scrub results.

I have a favorite therapist can I request for them any time I come for a service?
No problem we can handle that as long as you remember to let us know the therapist’s name when making the reservation.

Can I bring my own scrub towel for body scrub service?
No, we actually use special scrub towels which you can purchase in the locker room and bring back the next time you make a scrub appointment with us again.

What services do you have available for couples?
We offer couples body massage and couples foot massage only.



Can I bring my own food?
No outside food is allowed. We have a restaurant in our facility that serves delicious Korean style meals and snacks at the juice bar.

Do you offer kosher meals?

At this time we do not offer any kosher meals.

What if I have an allergy to soy & gluten?

When you order your food at the restaurant please make sure to remind the staff of any allergies.